Aston Martin’s credo has been successfully cross-fertilised into the essence of the AM37 powerboat. This truly distinctive vessel marries design, construction and engineering in a fresh way that is certain to intrigue you.

There is a clear sense of production quality unity between the Aston Martin boats and the cars that inspired them.

The result of years of research and development into how the status quo of the maritime world could be challenged, the AM37 is an entirely new category of powerboat. This is not a boat that looks like a car…. And nor is it a car that floats like a boat. The AM37 is a designer work of art the likes of which has never been seen on the water until now.

A unique combination of advanced materials, competition-derived design and high-tech components make driving the AM37 an exciting experience for all who are passionate about speed. Two different versions are available:

The AM37

 is a ‘gran turismo’ leisure powerboat with a maximum speed of around 44 knots, and premium-class quality and refinement. You have a choice between 2 x 370 hp Mercury diesels or 2 x 430 hp Mercury petrol engines.

The AM37 S

is fitted with twin 520 hp Mercury petrol engines for a maximum speed of up to 50 knots. It offers the ultimate sports driving experience on the water for every occasion, from a runabout to a superior commuter.