The AM37 powerboats combine the highest degree of technology and innovation in a unique manner that is sure to delight those who seek the best sports car features in a luxury powerboat. The design revolves around more than style alone. A holistic approach to weight distribution and balance combine with the high-tech composite materials used in the construction of the stepped hull to provide the type of comfort Aston Martin car owners expect.

All this is backed up by superior engineering to ensure easy handling and the smoothest possible steering. The convertible cockpit arrangement and excellent views from the helm seat will further enhance your pure driving experience.


“Our goal has been to make sure that every part of the AM37 has been refined and optimised. Each function of the boat has a rationale behind it… Nothing is merely ‘there’.”

Mariella Mengozzi, CEO of Quintessence Yachts


Quintessence Yachts gave Mulder Design the naval architecture brief based upon its ability to provide the framework of the design to Aston Martin and then ensure that style changes made in the UK complemented the hull’s performance. The process has involved a constant exchange of ideas for the design of each and every item, with the full commitment of the Aston Martin team providing input and feedback on components and features of both the interior and exterior.


The iconic allure of Aston Martin is built upon the passion, skill and creativity of the people who dedicate their working lives to this historic luxury brand. The blueprint for every Aston Martin is a characterful and exciting sports car built to the highest standard. All are imbued with ‘Power, Beauty and Soul’, combining pure performance and true sporting ability with passion, refinement, luxury and exceptional beauty.

Thanks to the extensive contribution of the Aston Martin designers, the AM37 powerboat combines the highest degree of technology and innovation in a genuinely unique manner. The boats are a pioneering delineation of Aston Martin style into the yachting environment.

“The new AM37 powerboats are the very definition of understated elegance and reflect the Aston Martin DNA in every way possible. Their timeless style will be instantly recognisable to fans of the Aston Martin brand.”

 Marek Reichman, Aston Martin’s EVP and Chief Creative Officer




Mulder Design is an independent company founded in 1979 and based in the Netherlands. It specialises in the design, naval architecture and engineering of custom and semi-custom superyachts. Over 600 of this family-run firm’s designs have been built over the decades, including the famous high-speed yachts Octopussy, Moonraker and The World Is Not Enough.

Today, the Mulder Design name is synonymous with fast, high quality superyachts. Its involvement covers the entire process from the first preliminary designs to the final sea trials and handover by the yard. For the AM project, Quintessence Yachts asked Mulder Design to provide naval architecture services and draw the framework of the design. The company has also worked closely with the Aston Martin design team to make sure that all style changes made in the UK complement the hull’s performance.

“The philosophy behind the Aston Martin powerboats is to make a sporty boat, not a sports boat– a superbly designed vessel that also offers the type of comfort Aston Martin car owners have come to expect. It will ensure you an awesome experience.”

 Bas Mulder, Naval Architect and Designer


Every part of the AM37 has been refined and optimised. Each function of the boat has a rationale behind it… Nothing is simply ‘there’.

The sophisticated structural composition of the AM37 will meet your need for speed. The deep V hull is complemented by different steps in the hull, reducing surface contact with the water. A 10% lower resistance has been achieved without sacrificing comfort at lower speeds and a smooth run is assured.

The hull itself is made of high-tech composite with epoxy resin and carbon structural parts. Used in aircraft and aerospace applications as well as offshore racing boats, epoxy resin ensures strength, stiffness, durability and light weight.

The production process for the AM37 deploys state-of-the-art vacuum infusion technology and post curing. Vacuum infusion allows full integration of the structure and interior modules, which are made out of fibreglass sections.

The finite element method (FEM) ensures a sophisticated approach to the design of the boat and guarantees forces are not overloaded.


Welcome aboard

One of the many striking innovations on the AM37 is its unique sliding deck. This unprecedented feature makes it very easy for you to board your boat. What’s more, you can close everything off at the end of the day, ensuring protection against the elements and uninvited guests.

The deck consists of three carbon panels which can be operated electronically using the AM37 key, folding under the aft deck to uncover the cockpit. Once the cockpit is open, the aft deck slides back to allow for boarding or better use of the extending swim platform, with its teak floor and integrated ladder. The deck can also be tilted up to give access to the engine room, storage compartments and the carbon fibre bimini top.



Enjoying the shade

The AM37 includes an impressive carbon fibre bimini, housed under the sliding deck. This can be automatically activated as soon as you have opened up the deck to provide a serious amount of shade at the time of your choosing.

Thanks to its dual panel arrangement, this high-tech bimini can extend in length and double the surface. You can also lower it and keep open when underway, even when running at full speed.



The extraordinary experience provided by the AM37 is enhanced by its phenomenal range of on board technologies. There are remote controlled devices by which you can start the air conditioning, fridge and coffee machine while still at home or while driving to the marina. Navigation, control monitor and entertainment systems are all integrated, with advanced multimedia functions and interactive voice control.

The user interface of the multimedia and entertainment system is installed in the 15′ HD touchscreen on the dashboard. This can be used by all guests to manage the sound system, lighting and appliances.
Owners have their own cluster with a dedicated display for monitoring engine status, navigation and other core boat systems such as anchor deployment, the bilge pumps and battery chargers. The dashboard will be integrated with your smart phone, allowing you to start the champagne cooler or the (optional) air conditioning on remote before you get to the boat. A small server on board will provide access to stored movies and music. AM37 owners also benefit from the very latest options with regards to fingerprint recognition.


Exceptional versatility

The adaptable operation and entertainment system interface was developed especially for the AM37 in cooperation with Aston Martin and a Dutch superyacht systems integration company. It is exceptionally versatile and perfectly mirrors the exceptional quality of the boat as a whole. Clever, compact and streamlined, it offers a scaled-down performance of the kind you find on large superyachts.



And a great deal of style

Luxurious and fast in the best tradition of British sports cars, the AM37 powerboats combine the sense of excitement you feel behind the wheel of an Aston Martin with the classy environment of a one-of-a-kind powerboat.

The unique combination of advanced materials, ingenious design and high-tech components in the new AM37 offers an exhilarating experience on the water for lovers of both speed and comfort. In addition to the highly sophisticated construction the performance of the AM37 is assured by some seriously smart engineering. The lightweight, low resistance hull will perform at its best with the engines, carefully selected by our engineering team in close cooperation with Mercury.

The AM37 will also be fitted with Bravo Three XR sterndrives. A counter-rotating dual propeller arrangement adds to the power and acceleration while also enhancing efficiency at lower speeds. You also have the option to add Axius Joystick Piloting, ensuring fantastic manoeuvrability and adding to the overall sense of cool.

Another possibility is to install a bow Jet Thruster system from Holland Marine Parts, a silent solution with no cavitation and no vulnerable propeller. All these design features and equipment assets come together to create a totally new category of powerboat that translates the traditions of the automotive experience into a water environment in an unprecedented way.

Two different versions are available:

The AM37

is a ‘gran turismo’ leisure powerboat with a maximum speed of around 44 knots, and premium-class quality and refinement. You have a choice between 2 x 370 hp Mercury diesels or 2 x 430 hp Mercury petrol engines.

The AM37 S

is fitted with twin 520 hp Mercury petrol engines for a maximum speed of up to 50 knots. It offers the ultimate sports driving experience on the water for every occasion, from a runabout to a superior commuter.



Creating the right atmosphere

A refined set of lighting systems by Rogier van der Heide using invisible light sources enhances the elegant design of the AM37 and the meticulous fine detailing. The external lighting line gives an impressive mark at front view and makes the wooden deck glow. The line is made of a dynamic white light, which can be turned into colour or given a candlelight effect at night.

In the interior, a homogeneous LED strip is recessed into the furniture for the highest degree of finishing. The bottom of the cup holders are lit with a special light transmission-plate featuring RGB coloured LEDs. For general lighting in the cabin, two continuous LED strips are integrated within the ceiling and can change colour to create the atmosphere of your choice. By giving each cabinet its own LED driver, different saturation levels of colours can be selected to give more depth to the whole space.



For the first time ever, the finest sports car features have also been incorporated within the interior of a luxury powerboat. Redefining perceptions of elegance, the AM37 embodies the Aston Martin DNA in its use of the finest woods and materials. Every aspect is finished to such an immaculate standard that you will find it a genuine pleasure to relax below deck in this fully air-conditioned ambience.

For a boat of this size, the AM37 has a remarkably spacious and well-equipped interior. Layout highlights include a lovely sofa that converts into a double bed, a designer dining table with some very special edging, a bathroom with shower, and a small galley with microwave oven, Nespresso coffee machine and drawer-style refrigerator. The showpiece 48” LED television is integrated with the navigation system.


Top speed50 knots

Cruising speed 36 knots

Range at cruising speed160 Nautical Miles

Engines2 x Mercury Racing 520

Stern drivesBravo 3 XR

Fuel typePetrol

Engine Volume8.6 litre

Power 388 kW | 520 hp

Top speed45 knots

Cruising speed35 knots

Range at cruising speed

Engines2 x Mercury Racing 430

Stern drivesBravo 3 XR

Fuel typePetrol

Engine Volume8.2 litre

Power 321 kW | 430 hp

Top speed42 knots

Cruising speed34 knots

Range at cruising speed260 Nautical Miles (Predicted)

Engines2 x Mercury Racing 370

Stern drivesBravo 3 XR

Fuel typeDiesel

Engine Volume4.2 litre

Power 272 kW | 370 hp


Length: 11.10 m | 36’ 5”
Beam: 3.68 m | 12’ 1”
Draft: 0.76 m | 2’ 6”
Height: 1.96 m | 6’ 5”
Displacement: 7.5 Tonnes | 16,534 lbs

Fuel capacity: 800 litres | 211 US Gallons
Fresh water capacity: 100 litres | 26 US Gallons
Black/grey water capacity: 100 litres | 26 US Gallons

Certification: CE Category B
Designer: Aston Martin
Naval Architect: Mulder Design
Builder: Quintessence Yachts



A powerboat of this stature deserves to be personalised in as many ways as you wish choosing from a wide range of colours for paints, leather and stitches. The variety of options available directly from Quintessence Yachts will excite and inspire you in equal measure. The only thing that’s not up for discussion is the premium quality of the materials used.

As you would expect from a product of this style and sophistication – and one that carries the Aston Martin marque – you can choose from a comprehensive range of colours, paints, leathers, stitches, materials and other essentials. The variety of choices that you have available directly from Quintessence Yachts will excite and inspire in equal measure.

Should you so wish, you can also access the ‘Q by Aston Martin’ personalisation service to go above and beyond the wide choice of ready-to-use colours and stitching. The Aston Martin designers in the UK will help you translate your preferred materials, colours and textures into key elements of your powerboat, just as they do with an Aston Martin car. Let your imagination flow and create an AM37 that entirely reflects your wishes.

Other options which you can have installed on board your AM37 include air conditioning, a bowthruster, a generator, underwater lights, a cocktail bar and sunbeds.


Owners of the AM37 can select from the Aston Martin colour palette for their boat. This vast choice of colours allows each AM37 to be personalised to your personal requirements. We also expect that some clients will enjoy having a matching Aston Martin car and boat.

“Having the ability to select from the Aston Martin range allows AM37 owners to create a genuinely unique vessel which stands out from the crowd and is exceptionally personal.”

Vicky Farrow, Sales Director for Quintessence Yachts


Although the colours will be the same as on an Aston Martin car, the paint will be made to marine specifications using a special system that ensures the highest possible standards of durability and quality.